Andrea Gagliarducci

Andrea Gagliarducci

Andrea Gagliarducci is an Italian journalist for Catholic News Agency and Vatican analyst for ACI Stampa. He is a contributor to the National Catholic Register.

Articles by Andrea Gagliarducci

Analysis: What does Pope Francis’ new ‘Fundamental Law’ mean for Vatican City State?

May 18, 2023 / 09:10 am

In some ways, the new constitution moves the Vatican City State closer to the model of a modern, secular state.

Drama swirls as Caritas Internationalis delegates prepare to elect new leaders

May 10, 2023 / 16:20 pm

Calling it a “brutal power grab,” an ousted general secretary of the Vatican’s global charity has written a letter criticizing Pope Francis’ decree in November.

Cardinal Erdő: Pope’s visit to Hungary tells us ‘Christ is our future’

Apr 27, 2023 / 10:00 am

Cardinal Péter Erdő, archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest, talked with CNA’s sister news organization on the eve of Pope Francis’ trip to Hungary.

Analysis: Here’s how Pope Francis could influence the choice of his successor

Apr 18, 2023 / 14:30 pm

By the end of 2023, nearly 70% of the cardinals eligible to become the next pope will have been appointed by Francis.

Pope Francis as diplomat: the principles that have guided his 10-year-old pontificate

Mar 12, 2023 / 06:00 am

The Holy Father’s approach to diplomacy is laid out in “The Joy of the Gospel.”

‘I regret to inform you’: Pope Francis rebuffs Cardinal Becciu in letters read during ongoing finance trial

Mar 10, 2023 / 14:15 pm

Prior to his trial, Cardinal Angelo Becciu tried to get the pope to confirm he had authorized the financial transactions that led to Becciu’s prosecution.

A new(ish) statute for the Vatican bank: Here’s what it means

Mar 7, 2023 / 14:30 pm

Pope Francis on Tuesday issued a new statute for the so-called Vatican bank, but it closely resembles the regulation approved more than three years ago.

What do Pope Francis’ latest financial measures mean?

Mar 2, 2023 / 14:25 pm

A new rescript from Pope Francis will mean an increase in the cost of housing for senior Vatican officials.

‘This is how we experienced a year of war in Ukraine’

Feb 24, 2023 / 09:30 am

What does it mean to be a Christian in times of war? This is the existential question to which Christians in Ukraine seek an answer.

Holy See and the Sultanate of Oman establish diplomatic ties

Feb 23, 2023 / 12:50 pm

The move leaves only six countries worldwide without any diplomatic connection to the Vatican.

Analysis: Pope Francis centralizes authority with reform of Diocese of Rome

Jan 15, 2023 / 11:00 am

It was widely anticipated that a major reform of the Diocese of Rome was coming, but no one expected it to come when it did: one day after the funeral of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

Analysis: What to read in Benedict XVI’s secretary’s ‘tell-all’ book?

Jan 11, 2023 / 12:48 pm

“Nothing but the Truth: My Life Beside Benedict XVI” by Archbishop Georg Gänswein comes out on Jan. 12, but CNA was able to preview it.

Families of Israeli captives in Gaza Strip appeal to Pope Francis

Jan 8, 2023 / 03:00 am

When Pope Francis once again launched the appeal for peace in the Holy Land, he probably had in his eyes the testimonies of four Israeli families.

Analysis: A closer look at the ceremonial details of Benedict XVI’s funeral

Jan 6, 2023 / 00:01 am

Without question, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s funeral was a pope’s funeral. But there were clear signals that it was not the reigning pope who had died.

Benedict’s serious illness raises questions about pope emeritus protocols

Dec 29, 2022 / 14:23 pm

The end of a reigning pope’s life is observed by a series of very well-timed and well-understood rites. But what are the protocols when a pope emeritus dies?

Ukrainian archbishop: ‘Many will sing Christmas carols with our soldiers’

Dec 20, 2022 / 08:15 am

The head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church talked with a group of journalists on a recent trip to Kyiv organized by the Polish and Ukrainian embassies to the Holy See.

Analysis: As the year ends, where do things stand with the Vatican ‘trial of the century’?

Dec 19, 2022 / 08:45 am

The latest round of hearings at the Vatican’s historic finance trial has revealed several twists that profoundly changed proceedings — and raised several questions for the court in the new year.

Seeing Jesus in the enemy: Christmas in Ukraine’s martyr city

Dec 12, 2022 / 09:30 am

There is a lot to rebuild in the town of Izium. An estimated 80% of the taller buildings and 30% of private houses were destroyed in the fighting.

Ukraine’s foreign minister welcomes Holy See’s offer of peace negotiations, but ‘time for it has not come yet’

Dec 10, 2022 / 00:00 am

Every effort for peace in Ukraine coming from Pope Francis and the Holy See is welcome, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister said Friday, whether it is helping to mediate for the exchange of prisoners or in assisting migrants and refugees. 

CNA visited Ukraine before Christmas. This is what we found

Dec 9, 2022 / 08:55 am

A tale of four cities and how they are coping with war as winter looms.